We love Wii

on Friday, January 22, 2010
The holidays this year were a peaceful time in our household, and a lot of time was spent sitting jovially, our tummies full of eggnog and the Christmas spirit.

We read books.

We had our moments of music appreciation.

We stood around the fireplace.

We even sat through the music box.

The claws came out with one push of a button: Enter the Wii.

The Wii is a brilliant invention. Too cold for tennis outside? Play a match in the cozy of your own living room. Too lazy to stand up to play ping pong? You can play and sit on the comfort of your lazy chair. Is the nearby recreational lake frozen over? Go wakeboarding on your tv. The Wii is addicting. It's fun. It's competitive. And all ages can do it. With the exception of my mom, who refuses to touch the thing, the Wii brought my whole family together.

There's so much body movement and gesturing involved that we had to place physical barriers between the players and the tv so that remotes and/or hands would not get flung into the screen. People reported having sore muscles the next day, as a result of just a few rounds of fencing. It's that intense.

Just look the aggression on their faces.

Let it Snow!

It's unfortunate that Christmas this year couldn't be white, but Mother Nature redeemed herself on New Years Eve when a winter snow storm blew in. I was so excited!! My feet were in my boots before any of the kids.

There was only about a few inches (at most) of snow on the ground, but we thought it was the perfect opportunity to use unreasonably large and complex machinery to remove it from our driveway. The men loved it.

What would a snow storm be if we didn't go sledding down the massive West Valley Middle School hill?
If the experience could be summarized as a mathematical formula, it would be as follows:

Steep slopes + plastic sleds + small children = intense wipeouts.

And I caught a glimpse of one little boy catch a snowflake with his tongue for the very first time :)