My North Korean twin

on Saturday, August 4, 2012
I'm loving watching the Olympics.  YouTube is the greatest.  One thing that I've noticed especially this year is how many shapes and sizes of athletes there are.  There's not a whole lot of variation within each sport, but between sports the differences are HUGE.  Think shotput vs rhythmic gymnastics, people.  There's some sports where it doesn't seem like you have to be in good athletic shape at all (shooting?) and then, there's beach volleyball in which you do have to be in incredible shape, mostly because you have to wear that bikini.

Then I stumbled on the Olympic athlete body match on BBC.  What is my Olympic athlete body match ?  A North Korean table tennis player, of course.  It's a fun app to check out.


Trevor and Madie said...

i guess i'm matched with a chick that does taekwondo. fitting I suppose...