Rainy day

on Thursday, April 26, 2012
What a lazy day.  We left for the airport to drop my parents off this morning at 5:15am and even though we usually rise before the sun, that is still way too early for me.  We came back, ate breakfast, slept another hour or so, and then I spent more than a few hours sitting on my computer, mostly on Pinterest.  I wanted to go to the mall to see the Hunger Games today, but- tragedy of all tragedies- they stopped playing it.  It was the perfect day for being shut-in anyway, and we watched a few episodes of 24 (watching season 1 right now) while it rained buckets outside.  It rarely rains during the day here lately - it mostly starts in the middle of the night which annoyingly requires one of us to crawl out of bed to shut the windows and doors.  We had done laundry this morning so this is what our living room currently looks like:


Trevor and Madie said...

Don't feel bad about not seeing the Hunger Games Movie. It was all together a disappointment. So many missing and major things were left out. Boo.

Ps. can you give me your dill pickle recipe??