the spoils

on Thursday, April 26, 2012
My parents came to visit for 8 days.  They left this morning.  I'll write more about what we did later, but first things first.  My mom regularly sends us care packages in the mail, but having a suitcase load of goodies is so much better.  Let me just say that the evening they arrived was a thrilling experience.  Things kept coming and coming!

the booty
In the mix, at our request:

Chicken and vegetable bouillion cubes
Quinoa flakes
Regular quinoa
Dried cherries
Vanilla extract
Ziplock bags
Coffee for Reuben
Coffee for me (since I only drink the chocolate flavored kind :)
Calcium chews
Protein powder
An extra sheet set (they needed something to sleep on!)

In the mix, the things that only my mother would think of bringing:

Cadbury eggs (happy easter!)
Macadamia nut pancake mix
Ezekiel 4:9 cereal
Fritos cheese dip
Vienna sausages (because my mom can't resist)

I don't know where to start!  I think that the last 6 foods could make some deliciously horrifying sort of meal (sounds like a normal day's food in the Treece home!)  We could eat it on the WA-themed tablecloth she also brought that is made of fabric printed with space needles, ferries, flying fish, coffee, and evergreen trees.  What a fantastic evening this will be!