Olympic fever

on Sunday, July 29, 2012
I love the Olympics.  Whenever they roll around, I try to watch as much of them as I possibly can.  I was here in Malaysia for the last summer Olympics in Beijing (was that really 4 years ago??), and Reuben and I went to KL for those few weeks because his mom has cable TV.  Now, we do not.  YouTube to the rescue!  They have an absolutely amazing channel that broadcasts all the events live.  That even we can stream online!

One of the local channels broadcast the opening ceremonies live, which was something like 4am-7:30am on Saturday morning.  It was fun to watch except for the fact that all the commentary was in Bahasa.  It happened before I woke up, but Reuben said that the commentators totally skipped over the entire country of Israel, like it didn't exist.  Then they made a big hoop-la over Palestine.  Yes, Malaysia would do something like that.  I generally forget about the Israel-hatred here; except, of course, when Malaysia was boycotting American products for its support of Israel a few years back.  Even though it IS my namesake, nobody ever says anything about it, and neither of us have encountered any problems.  C'est la vie.

We'll be trying to follow the Olympic events as much as we can, although most of them will be happening while I'm fast asleep.  I hope YouTube has recaps!