Things I'm loving lately

on Saturday, September 8, 2012
Internet:  Suri's Burn Book.  It's the only HollyWood gossip I allow myself to read, from the perspective of 6-year old Suri Cruise.  It's hilarious.

Music:  Pickin' On Series.  Because everything's better as Bluegrass.  Pickin' On Coldplay is my favorite.

Books:  The Tomorrow Series by James Marsden.  I've been craving Young Adult books for their easy, usually exciting reading.  I'm eating these books up.  I've finished 3 in the series so far, but I accidentally read them out of order (I didn't figure out till mid-way through my 3rd book that I had read Book #1, Book #4, then Book #3.  It was still exciting, though the ending was kind of a giveaway.)

Food: Tangled Thai Salad with Peanut Lime Dressing.  The dressing is the BEST.  I'm eating it right now, in fact.