Missing my library.

on Monday, January 16, 2012
One of the things that I miss most about home is the library. I love the library. I would even daresay that it's probably my favorite public service. There are no libraries here. At least ones that I have access to. I brought a very small number of books here with me, mostly only mildly-interesting books that have been on my list and then give away. Those and then the few books that I reference often.

I started a wish-list on Amazon.com years ago, not to give to Santa but to take note of the books that I want to remember, read eventually, or learn more about. Here's a sampler:

A very random list, I'd say.


Trevor and Madie said...

if you don't watch parks and recreation you should do that immediately....or maybe you would hate it as the characters on the show hate the library.
Quote: "Leslie: Are you even listening to yourself? You’re defending the library now? Ron, the library. Of all the horrifying miserable things in the world."