Our trash house

on Saturday, January 14, 2012
Without anything that bears resemblance to a craft store, I have resorted to using trash to decorate our apt. Or, as these people call it, "crafting with recycled materials." I guess that sounds better.
I have surprised myself with this resourcefulness.

One day when I was at the pool, I discovered that the bamboo was being trimmed. I made Reuben run around like a mad man trying to find the landscaper to see if we could take some. He was successful. It turned into this project:

One day while I was browsing through the endless Alpha-Mart, I spied some large sheets of brown craft paper. That became this:

Note: This was not recycled. I paid 50sen a sheet, and I bought 5. So it cost me 2.50rm, or about 75 US cents.

Toilet paper is lousyf here. The toilet paper packs 'boast' of 250 sheets per roll. Needless to say, we go through a lot of rolls. I have been stashing them away, and the other day I gathered them all together to make this:

This is actually one of my favorite things! Give us a few weeks and I'll have enough rolls to make another one.

I found some old newspapers and used white glue to decoupage it to a plastic sheet, which I then painted like this:

And this is what became of the pallet that I found on the side of the road. I actually tried several things on it before I found something I liked.

We got the bookcase used from someone who was moving, and I had purchased some inexpensive fabric that I used to make the yellow mat for our wedding pictures. The small vases below I found in the Leader Garden recycling room, which I then transformed with some glue, rope and twine.

Now I live in a house full of random trashed/recycled things. I wonder what will become of it all when we leave!