on Saturday, May 26, 2012
I am completely fed up with my hair.  I've given up hope in the baking soda/ACV method because I am loosing too much hair.   Handfuls every day.  Pantene Pro V it is!   I feel like I'm a 5 year old again when I fight through the tangles after I wash it.  Maybe it's because I desperately need a hair cut.  Maybe it's because it's so long that my ponytail becomes a sweaty rats nest every time I go for a run (baking soda cuts through a lot of things, but not that!)  Maybe it's the chlorine from the pool.  Whatever it is, this has to stop immediately.  It's so long and spindly and gross that I have been wearing it up for the past few months by tying it into a bun, no hair-tie needed!  (Little did I know I was completely on trend with the "wet bun" look!)

I'm going to cut my hair.  I don't care about it being long anymore, because at the rate that my hair is falling out, I won't have any in a few months' time anyway.  I'm not going to go super short, because I still need to put it up when I run.  I think I'll go with shoulder-length, or something around there.

"Short" -  I envy Natalie Portman's hair.  But who am I kidding?  My hair will NEVER, ever look like this.  
"Medium" - What is it about Jennifer Aniston's hair, anyway?
"Long" - maybe too long?

I dream of having cute hair, but refuse to blow-dry, use product, or (heaven-forbid) a curling iron.  How lazy am I!

Now there's the issue of where I will cut my hair.  Is Asian hair that different that I need to go to someone who knows how to work with my hair?  If I am remembering correctly, I've only gotten my hair cut here once (I know, I know....I don't cut my hair often enough!  Perhaps that it the reason behind my present hair crisis!) and it turned out ok, nothing traumatically awful.  I don't remember, however, who I went to before.  Oops!